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Great new Barista Yanna is a wonderful sustainer to one of our amenities that had gone dark. The maintenance staff continues to amaze with their numbers and the massive responsibilities of the current facilities. I pray more staff will accompany Conner, Devin and Devin. It looks like the facilities are more than doubling and the infrastructure needs to be in place. I continue to be concerned about after hours security. I feel I was victimized by a scam but have no recourse.


Providence Row is a wonderful combination of luxury & comfortable living. This Community has everything you would possibly need & want. I've been living here going on 2 years since relocating from Atlanta GA for work & I haven't once ever looked anywhere else to live. You are literally in the sweet spot of Charlotte. 10mins from South Park Mall, 15 mins from Uptown, 15 from Matthews/Pineville, & 25mins from Carowinds. If that isn't enough to entice you I don't know what will but just know there is a phase2 in works & all I can say i know were I will be once it's up & fully developed.


Best place I’ve ever lived. I’ve moved a lot with the Army over the past 22 years and upon arriving here from Ft Knox I signed a lease immediately. The staff is simply amazing. I love the area and location. Valet trash, private parking, hot tub and so much more. The community is so polite and nice. Best place ever! Raquel is the best!


I enjoy living here! Some concerns would be the trash out back being visible, dog poo is not picked up by residents regularly and the amenities are not always working. The leasing office team is great!


Amazing! Great people here and the apartments are well kept. No major issues so far. The amenities are good too! It feels good to be in a place where I am close to everything.


Myrian is great! And the fact that I can pay my rent online is awesome. The amenities in the building are great and I can’t wait to move in.


Nice place to live, amenities are great and staff is attentive. Apartments are very comfortable and well distributed. Accent colors are a nice option as well


We have had a wonderful experience so far! We love all of the amenities as well as the community events. We have really enjoyed all the other people we have met and can’t wait to meet more people!


The office staff have been extremely friendly and have made the moving in process so easy. The amenities are great, the apartments are gorgeous and we’re so happy to live here.


El edificio es muy lindo y huele muy bien. Hay muchas actividades para hacer y muy entretenidas. Lo mejor es que es pet friendly. Me parece que podría mejorar en la limpieza de las alfombras y a veces no pasan a buscar la basura.

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