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PR is a fun place to live! Our gatherings are fun! The staff and the residents make it an enjoyable place to be! Parking is the only problem!


We have really enjoyed all the amenities so far and love the pet friendly atmosphere. The dog park is perfect to let our fur babies burn off some energy and have a good time.


I appreciate the new attempt to free up guest parking spots. It will only work if actually carried through with booting and fines. I have had some guests that park at Fresh Market and then walk over. Time will tell. On a positive note the office staff are very helpful and friendly. The amenities are great. I really like the high ceilings in the apartments.


We’ve lived at Providence Row for nearly 3 years. We’ve loved virtually every part of living here (with our 2 children) and it will be hard to leave when we buy a house again.


Still excellent, even after 3 years! The management is great and very helpful, and maintenance is outstanding - always quick to repair issues and friendly!


love the resort feel here at my apartment I call my 800 sq ft castle I would highly recommend anyone to Providence Row Apartments. even my friends and family that visit me say WOW it doesn't feel like an apartment but yet an resort instead.


The staff is great and very responsive. The neighborhood is excellent and easy distance from everything you need. I have been here for about 3 months and haven't had any problems.


Amazing community and beautiful building. Apartments are very comfortable. Amenities are great! Quiet and clean except for the hallways carpets and the pool armchairs.


No better place to live than Providence Row. It’s that simple. The friendliest staff. The best maintenance team. Great amenities! The best place to call “home”.


This community is beautiful. When we first moved in we identified a few items that needed attention. Ally, Raquel and Bri were very helpful and supportive. Bri even came by to power wash our balcony. In her heels! The entire property staff has been quick to respond to any needs and questions, including the maintenance team. They really care about the comfort and satisfaction of their residents.

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